Jeff Allison – Auxiliary drummer

(auxiliary drummer for VoM, music producer/engineer, composer)

Jeff Allison-Atwoods Jeff is a talented musician, engineer and sound designer, and an old friend of Morphine and the members of Morphine. In April of 2012, Jeff Allison began filling in for Jerome Deupree as drummer with Vapors of Morphine (then known as the Ever Expanding Elastic Waste Band). Jerome was struggling with tendonitis, and the band asked Jeff to help out while Jerome took some time off for rest and treatment. Jeff ‘s residency extended to a year and a half; he played nearly all of the band’s local and regional shows until October of 2013, when Jerome began alternating shows with him. Jeff continues to play regularly with the band, and his production talents are responsible for some of the short remix clips that can be found on our music player. The band hopes that he will be lending his talents to future recording projects.

Jeff Allison-NewportBorn in Delaware, Jeff began his pursuit with music by playing piano, singing as a chorister, and buying his first set of drums. This led to a move to Boston, a degree in Music Production and Engineering from Berklee, and immersing himself into a great musical community. As a drummer, Jeff has played with close to 50 bands spanning the last 2 1/2 decades. (See the list below.) He operates his own home recording studio where he records and mixes projects for singer/songwriters, and has composed for film and TV. Jeff has worked as a sound designer for multiple hardware and software instrument companies, and as Peter Gabriel’s keyboard programmer and tech on tours from 2002-2009. He lives with his wife, son and black cat in Melrose, Massachusetts.

Some of the bands Jeff has played with include:
Stan Martin, Jeremy Lyons, American Beauties, Amy Black, Sarah Borges, Amphibian, Jack Grace, Kevin Byrne, Embrionic, One Thin Dime, The Merles, The Brothers Kendall, Asa Brebner, Sticky, Swinging Steaks, Charlie Chesterman …..